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Please note: due to higher than normal order volumes, we are experiencing delays in order fulfillment. Click here for details.

Save Outdoor Sports COVID-19 Response Center  As of May 30, 2020

Please note: due to higher than normal order volumes, we are experiencing delays in order fulfillment.

I'm so sorry for the delay in getting back to you. This is not a normal time for you I'm sure and for our business. I wanted to refer you to a response from our sister company and also thank you for your understanding. With the COVID-19. I lost my main day job on March 6th, a few days later started a new job from home selling health insurance with medicare. I'm grateful for having a new full time job, however I've been working this new job and my SOS business at the moment from home. In Utah we aren't allowed to go into our offices with ether company to work Until after July 5th, been in lock down since March 10th. So with a great amount of love from my wife and 5 kids, I work from home...... to say this has been a easy task is a understatement. I love seeing my wife and kids all day long. But the cost to my business during this time with having to learn to balance a work and family life in the same space has been a huge problem. With that being said, my Save Outdoor Sports Business has seen a 317% growth in new online business. This has been a huge blessing and growing time. I'm having to do this new work load 100% on my own as I can't hire help to process the orders fast enough to get them to Air Venture. So I'm a few weeks behind on orders and my sister company Air Venture/Pyramyd Air is also playing catch up with their customer service and data entry employees all working from home. Shipping is working full time, as fast as we can get them the orders, they ship them in the order they get them. We seem to be 2-4 days behind our standard same day shipping. My day job with the insurance company is from 7 am to 3:30 pm, and having a new 1 month old baby boy born on April 16, 2020. My wife needs my help tell the kids go to bed, once they sleep I work from 8 pm-12 am on orders for SOS. So it's slow going, assuming I'm not called on from the family. I get a lot done during that time.


I pray your safe and well and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Thanks again and hope to find you doing well.

Anthony Carlston
Save Outdoor Sports
Office 801-805-4710
Cell 801-722-8780 Please text me for the fastest response.
Toll free 1-866-587-5531






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